European Journal of Law and Political Science <p>European Journal of Law and Political Science</p> European Open Science Publishing en-US European Journal of Law and Political Science 2796-1176 Handling Deportants and Returnees of Former Foreign Terrorist Fighter: International and Domestic Law Perspectives <p>The defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) after the last war in Baghouz, Syria, by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in 2019 was not the end of the problem of global terrorism today. ISIS, which has sympathizers from different countries, currently leaves the problem of handling its deportees and returnees, including in Indonesia. This paper intends to examine the problems of deportants and returnees of former Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF) in Indonesia normatively, focusing on the political aspects of law, positive criminal law, and international criminal law. Based on the type of normative research, legislative, comparative, and conceptual approaches, this paper argues that the handling of deportants and returnees of former foreign terrorist fighters in Indonesia within the framework of positive criminal law still seems to be dominated by a paradigm of legal thinking that leans on aspects of restraint and retribution rather than prioritizing aspects of reformation and deterrence. In addition, positive criminal law instruments are still not sufficiently accommodating in supporting law enforcement in handling deportants and returnees of former FTFs in Indonesia.</p> Kurnia Wijaya Copyright (c) 2024 Kurnia Wijaya 2024-05-10 2024-05-10 3 3 11 16 10.24018/ejpolitics.2024.3.3.131 Jordanian Legal Systems Regarding Refund and Replacement in Online Trade Contracts: A Comparative Analytical Study <p>The birth of the internet has resulted in a rapid increase in online shopping activities. Despite the convenience of online shopping for sellers and buyers, various problems have emerged, harming consumers. Strong consumer protection is vital because goods traded online can not directly or physically be viewed or touched. The present study explored the legal provisions concerning refund or goods replacement within the online trade contract. Jordan currently lacks a law specifically for online trade, while e-commerce in Jordan is mainly governed by three laws, namely, the Jordan Civil Law 1976, Consumer Protection Law 2017, and Electronic Transactions Law 2015. E-commerce laws in the United Kingdom, France, Indonesia, and Malaysia were analyzed and compared with relevant Jordanian laws to examine the topics of refund and goods replacement in online trade contracts. Jordanian legal systems have been insufficient in guaranteeing consumers’ right to obtain refunds, goods, or services replacement from the provider or seller in online trade. Jordan thus needs to set up a special law on online trade that also legally covers matters of refunds and goods replacement.</p> Ahmad Ibrahim Alsharu Copyright (c) 2024 Ahmad Ibrahim Alsharu 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 3 3 1 10 10.24018/ejpolitics.2024.3.3.145